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Rectal bleeding is an indicator of another more pressing medical condition, such as constipation or ulcerative colitis. Seek the aid of gastroenterologist, Dr. Morris B. Silver, serving the Beverly Hills and Garden Grove, California areas. Dr. Silver is also an internist who is highly experienced with diagnosing the cause of rectal bleeding.

Rectal Bleeding Q & A

What Is Considered Rectal Bleeding?

If you notice blood on your used toilet paper or in the toilet water, this is likely rectal bleeding. The blood will appear in any tinge of red from bright red to nearly black red. Rectal bleeding is caused by blood that comes out of your rectum. It comes from the lower colon or rectum, which includes the final few inches of the large intestine. If you are experiencing rectal bleeding, you should know when to see Dr. Silver. If the rectal bleeding is associated with dizziness, confusion, blurred vision, nausea, fainting, or clammy skin, this is a combination that is very concerning. Other problematic forms of rectal bleeding include a heavy flow of blood, anal pain, or severe stomach cramping. Contact Dr. Silver immediately or call 911 for emergency care if you are suffering from any of these symptoms along with rectal bleeding.

When Should I Schedule An Appointment With Dr. Silver For Rectal Bleeding?

If you have rectal bleeding without any other noticeable symptoms as noted previously, you want to take note of the frequency of the bleeding. If you have this condition for more than two days, contact Dr. Silver for an appointment. For most adults over 40, rectal bleeding is commonly caused by constipation. You can get a colonoscopy at Dr. Silver's offices in Garden Grove or Beverly Hills to ensure that there aren’t any additional conditions causing the bleeding.

What Are The Causes Of Rectal Bleeding?

Chronic constipation and hard stools are the leading causes of rectal bleeding. However, you can also suffer from this condition if you have an anal fissure or hemorrhoids. Other less common reasons for rectal bleeding include inflammation in the colon or gallbladder or inflammatory bowel disease. For example, if you have ulcerative colitis caused by IBD this can lead to rectal bleeding. Other causes include anal cancer and colon cancer, as well as radiation therapy to treat cancers.

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