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Dr. Morris B. Silver of Garden Grove and Beverly Hills, CA provides upper endoscopies as part of his gastroenterology practice. Also known as an upper GI endoscopy, this procedure allows Dr. Silver to explore inside the upper GI tract. Discover why this procedure is beneficial and what to expect during an upper endoscopy.

Upper Endoscopy Q & A

What Is An Upper Endoscopy?

An upper endoscopy is a medical test involving a thin, flexible tube affixed with a tiny video camera. This tube is used to take internal images of the lining of your upper GI tract. Dr. Silver performs an upper endoscopy to help patients who are suffering from upper GI conditions, such as pain, problems swallowing, and persistent heartburn. He also uses an upper endoscopy to determine if you have certain diseases including ulcers, celiac disease, cancer, or GERD. This test is also used to identify reasons for abnormal lab tests associated with nutritional deficiencies and anemia.

What Should I Expect When Getting An Upper Endoscopy?

When you go to your gastroenterologist for upper endoscopy, expect a relatively simple procedure. Dr. Silver will complete the upper GI endoscopy in either in his outpatient center or a hospital. This depends on whether he will conduct biopsies, treatments, or other specialized procedures. For most patients, the procedure takes about 30 minutes. If you are given intravenous sedatives to help you relax, you will need to remain on site for up to two hours until the sedation medication wears off. During the procedure, you will lie on your side and Dr. Silver will insert the endoscope into your esophagus and down into your stomach. A pump is used to inflate the passageway to make it easier for Dr. Silver to see inside your upper GI tract. After the procedure, you may have some bloating due to the air or a sore throat from the endoscope.

Is An Upper Endoscopy Used For Removing Objects In The Upper GI Tract?

Yes, Dr. Silver is able to use the upper endoscopy procedure to remove objects, such as food or indigestible material, from the upper GI tract. It is also a useful procedure for treating many conditions including bleeding ulcers. Dr. Silver may also use the procedure to dilate strictures, which cause the throat to become too narrow so it is difficult to swallow. Using an upper endoscopy for these outpatient procedures allows you to forgo invasive surgery for a speedy recovery.

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